Extended Class

Extended Class

This 4 hour course is usually held on a local college campus over 2 sessions. Depending on Location the tuition is $939 to $959 per couple per workbook.

This class builds on the 2-hour advanced class by devoting more time to discuss different theories and tools, discussions on lifestyle choices in retirement. As well as the role investor physiology plays in market returns.

Includes the Advanced Class!
  • How do you maximize
  • How do you commit
  • Your custom-built plan
  • Discover how to get your host
  • Completing your Class
  • Limited Seating

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Discover how to get your financial house in order your class financial house take home study kit includes:
  • 5 step financial planning scams
  • Top 7 homeowner financial scams
  • 12 ways to avoid identity theft
  • Top 10 questions to ask your current or next advisor
  • Who benefits from estate planning checklist
Completing your class includes:
  • A 50-page guide for you and your family to know where everything is with instructions on what to do next
  • Your financial Future owner’s manual.
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Limited No tuition seating available accepted students check in 15 minutes early so the lass starts on time. No children or recording devices. No agents or brokers. Any that sneak in to try to sell to our students will be charged the entire cost of the holding the class and then be sent to the principal’s office.

  1. How do you maximize your social security income by coordinating your claiming strategies with your 401k and IRA income distribution strategies in order to minimize taxes and maximize the after-tax money left for you and your spouse? How do you preserve and increase your assets while at the same time taking income withdrawals? Discover how with your personal current income for life analysis.
  2. How do you compare the current and future risks of your investments to your retirement lifestyle? Discover how with your personal risk tolerance analysis.
  3. Your custom built plan vs agents and brokers “free owners”, myths and lies, oh my.