Financial Future Owner’s Manual

Financial Future Owner’s Manual

The idea behind this book is to have a single place where you or a love one can find any piece of information about you. The majority of the information tracked in this book is financial in nature and the ultimate use is for when you pass on. Contained in this book is hopefully everything your loves ones need to know about you during a tying time.

Will and trust are very important, and realize this book does not replace them, but what about things that aren’t covered by them. What is the password to the deceased email account? What is the account number and contact information for the cable company? Where is last year’s tax return? These questions can be answered by this book.

However, it is not just to be used when dealing with the loss of a loved one. It also contains information that is called upon occasionally but hard to remember. Things like the addresses of all your residences, the vin number on your car, the address of that place you worked at one summer.

Now there are a lot of things to fill out here and a lot of information to gather .  Don’t panic and don’t feel overwhelmed. Nobody says you have to get this done in a day, or a week even,.  Just take your time and fill out the forms as you have time. You should be able to fill out one form a day and have the entire book finished in a month. If you need more than one page to track something, simply print out another sheet.

Each year, go through the book and make any changes that you need  to.  Print off additional sheets if the current ones are fill or the changes are that significant. It is important to keep the book up to date as possible as you never know when you will need some of that information.

Finally, it should be obvious but make certain others know about this book and where you keep it.  Also since it contains a lot of information, be sure to safeguard it’s location in some manner.

If you wish to pay it forward and introduce us to someone you think may benefit from our process and their own financial futures owner’s manual, just call us knowing we will treat them with the same appreciation as we do you.

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